Mike Wright


About Mike Wright


Mike Wright graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and spent 7 years on active duty.  He served in a variety of positions which gave him experience in problem solving and supervision.

After the military, he graduated from Harvard Business School which led him into the business industry of which 10 years were related to the oil industry.  In each of his professional positions, he researched and analyzed the relevant issues and developed strategies to improve the situation, whether they were related to productivity, finance, or long-term planning.

In retirement he continues using analytical strategies.  As a visiting instructor at Texas Woman’s University he used the case method, teaching students to research and analyze situations and develop problem solving strategies.  As a consultant for family owned businesses, he shepherded the companies to financial turn around and improved productivity and financial returns.


Mike Wright came to Texas in 1981 for a job related to the oil industry.  He is married to Doris and has two grown children whose families also live in Houston.  The grandchildren are preschoolers, so Mike will consider the long-range impact of policies and procedures that would impact generations of Texans in the future.