Why Mike?

My philosophy has always been to gather the facts and determine what the problem or opportunities is and then formulate a plan to correct the problem or take advantage of an opportunity. I seek out the facts and ask that all claims being put forth by others have some factual basis.

Most of the time there is more than one solution to a problem or opportunity.  Based on a consensus, the Railroad Commission should decide if we are looking for the fastest solution, most economical, least risk, etc. Often times we need to agree on the goals and then select what we consider the best solution to reach the goals.

I’m starting to gather knowledge about what the Railroad Commission does and know I can offer a lot to the position. In addition to my analytical abilities, I am not beholden to anyone in any of the industries they regulate and have no financial interest in any of the industries except some small stock investments in energy stocks and mutual funds with investments in energy stocks, as all well diversified mutual funds do.

As a retired person I have the time to address the needs of the Railroad Commission and visit the regional and district offices as needed.  I also will meet with stakeholders when requested to do so.